DART: DARWIN Alerts and Reports Tool

Streamline real-time disruption reports to control rooms using DARWIN data.

What is DART?

DART delivers real-time decision making support information and predicts performance of alternative courses of action. DART integrates existing data feeds into a single user-interface that supports decision making and records and communicates decisions across the entire network.

What business challenges does DART address?

DART helps to reduce the impact of railway disruption by replacing traditional manual methods of operations management by combining software systems and data to help railway staff to make the correct operational decisions, understand the full impact of decisions on recovery of services, and rapidly disseminate information to all relevant parties.

What are the benefits of DART

  • DART reduces delay minutes on the rail network, leading to improved On-Time performance, and reduced financial penalties.
  • Greater day-to-day reliability through improved timetabling for normal operations through the application of Big Data solutions that allow months of historical data to be analysed
  • Improved customer service with better real-time information for passengers during disruption.

How to get DART

DART is available as a subscription-based Software as a Service (SAAS) configured for the individual rail network and delivered via web browser. For a product evaluation of DART, contact us today.

Reduced delays, accurate timetabling, and improved passenger service

DART integrates existing data feeds into a modern single user-interface that reduces stress on operations control and operational staff to help deliver a more punctual railway, and improve customer passenger satisfaction.

Reduced delay minutes on the Network

Leading to improved Public Performance Measures and On-Time performance, and reduced financial penalties and compensation payments for the TOC

Improved operations timetabling

Using Big Data solutions, months of historical data can be analysed and small adjustments can be made to route timetables, allowing deliver greater day-to-day reliability

Improved service for passengers

Coupled with better and more timely information for passengers during disruption

Reduced workload on operation control staff

Information is presented in a relevant and timely manner and decisions are automatically sent to the required staff rather than using manual reporting methods

"A new generation of modern web, big data and app digital solutions to improve control & operations, customer experience, and passenger assistance."

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A new generation of modern web, big data and app digital solutions to improve control & operations, customer experience, and passenger assistance.

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