Make better-informed decisions and deliver better passenger service

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Reduce delays

The DST automatically suggests train plans that will get services back to the timetable, reducing delays, resulting in more satisfied customers.

Make better decisions

By using Machine Learning and AI techniques which calculate the length of disruption, the DST can help you make better informed decisions.

Improve network performance

Using multiple real-time data feeds to provide a real-time dashboard of the working timetable and live trains.

Get instant notifications

During minor disruptions when trains are delayed, or miss their dwell time or sectional running times

What is the Decision Support Tool?

The DST is a new Software as a Service system that helps make decisions easier for control teams and deliver better service for passengers. It uses a machine learning model to integrate historical data feeds into an easy-to-use modern interface for control teams.

This AI tool assists service delivery teams to accurately predict the effects of disruption on the working timetable and rosters, thus delivering a more punctual railway and improve customer satisfaction.

What does it do?

It combines multiple real-time data feeds (including TRUST & TD, real-time reports from Network Rail and TOC staff, together with unit and driver diagrams, GPS positioning, and loading information, when available), to provide a real-time dashboard of the working timetable and live trains.

During minor disruptions, the DST generates alerts when trains are delayed, or miss their dwell time or sectional running times.

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  • Reduces delays for customers by automatically suggesting train plans that quickly get services back to the timetable
  • Improves performance in real-time, which benefits control and customer experience teams, improving customer satisfaction KPIs
  • Can be used remotely because it is a web-based tool hosted in the cloud, unlike some ROC based systems 
  • A modular based system allows for additional systems such as emergency socially distanced passenger loading feeds which can be added quickly 
  • Works alongside other systems, rather than replacing them


    Traffic Management

    The DST can manage traffic and produce updates reflecting on ‘what-if’ scenarios and automatically schedule updates. It relies on machine learning tools to analyse historic disruption data and predict incidents. It has a mapping feature to show the location of all services within a network with multiple zoom levels.

    Trialling – how to onboard

    There will be time-limited beta trials with a small number of TOCs this year. If you are a TOC and are interested in adopting the Decision Support Tool, contact us and we can discuss onboarding from there.
    For more information regarding participation in the beta trials, please refer to ‘Licensing’

    Is the DST available for a Beta Trial?

    The DST is still in the later development stages, however, if you
    are a TOC wanting to trial this, you can contact us for a demonstration.

    How do you onboard the system?

    To onboard the system, a customisation/commissioning phase is required, this involves building the routes and working timetable dashboards for the particular TOC, and analysing historical disruption data and contingency plans, to create customised prediction tools.