Consultancy and Data Analytics

What's your problem?

Our new generation of tools are driven by real-time data feeds that are used by our consulting practice to help clients make smarter decisions and solve complex business challenges.


We use advanced machine learning and AI techniques to identify and predict meaningful patterns from large data sets and develop unique market insights in real-time.

Smartly deployed data analytics provide premium insights that underpin great decision making. This is an area where many large management consulting organisations lack the credibility of specialist technology companies like JNCTION.

The combination of our real-time data engine with deep industry knowledge enables us to provide a powerful perspective to some of the most challenging issues facing leaders today.

Are you an established supplier, operator, or infrastructure provider to the rail industry? Or perhaps you’re entering the rail market for the first time?

If you’re looking for some hands-on expertise, our analytical capabilities and digital tools can help you develop innovative strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

We have seen first-hand how technology is changing rail and would love to talk to you about the value we can add to your organisation.

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