Consultancy and Data Analytics

Make smarter decisions and capitalise on your intelligence

Our new generation of tools is driven by real-time data that enables results to be current and constantly evolving.


JNCTION’s access to market insights and data analytics allows us to predict AI and machine learning techniques to identify meaningful patterns in large data-sets.

Smartly deployed data analytics provides premium insights into organisations performance metrics, which gives you the intuition to perform better.

By employing data analytics in your workstream, it gives you the ability to see and predict results, processing information quicker, or improving customer insights.

Are you an established supplier, operator, or infrastructure provider to rail? Or perhaps you’re entering the rail market for the first time?

If you’re looking for some hands-on expertise, our business analysis, technology, and strategies can help you innovate rail and stay ahead of the competition. 

As a rail-industry player, we have seen first-hand how technology is changing rail as we know it. Not only do our solutions help you achieve your objectives, but by being equipped with the latest business strategies and insights, you can stay ahead and be an innovative player within rail.

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