Consultancy and Data Analytics

Rail Consultancy and Data Analytics: helping you use your data

Our new generation of tools are driven by real-time data feeds that are used by our consulting practice to help clients make smarter decisions and solve complex business challenges.


We use advanced machine learning and AI techniques to identify and predict meaningful patterns from large data sets and develop unique market insights in real-time.

Smartly deployed data analytics provide premium insights that underpin great decision making. This is an area where many large management consulting organisations lack the credibility of specialist technology companies like JNCTION.

The combination of our real-time data engine with deep industry knowledge enables us to provide a powerful perspective to some of the most challenging issues facing leaders today.

End-to-end solutions:

  1. Working alongside the client, the team will locate potential issues and gaps in the company, brainstorming ideas and proposing solutions. 
  1. Due to a wide range of internal expertise, we can offer assistance with a variety of concerns throughout production. Having this under one roof can save the clients time and money. 
  1. Backed up by successful historical partnerships, the team have a wealth of experience reaching the finish line. We are continually available to assist clients in imbedding the project into their organisation and educating staff in running the solution independently.  

Areas of expertise:

  1. Software Expertise – our software developers are specialists at developing data and software solutions for rail-specific organisations. Our software engineers are experts in front-end development and user design. 
  1. Data analytics – our data scientists and analysts are experts in rail data and are highly experienced at providing actionable insights for rail-specific problems. This team offer services including performance analysis, infrastructure usage, timetable development and planning, as well as signalling improvement. 
  1. Benefits realisations – our business change experts are experienced rail professionals who combine technical and domain-specific knowledge to create change. 
  1. Software Design – our design team have over a decade of professional experience, under the guidance of Jnction’s consultants, we are able to apply this to the client’s projects and improve the marketing value.  

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