JNCTION speak to #ActuallyAutistic blogger about Aubin: the Journey Planner App for Autistic People

20th July 2018

We were recently interviewed by the wonderful Lydia Wilkins at Mademoiselle Women blog about our Aubin Journey Planner app.

Lydia is a freelance journalist and runs the Mademoiselle Women blog. Lydia was diagnosed with autism in January 2015, two months shy of her sixteenth birthday. Since then she has used Mademoiselle Women blog as a platform to write about her autism, in addition to documenting her experiences undertaking a journalism diploma, product reviews, interviews, and more.

Lydia heard about Aubin on Twitter and contacted us about conducting an interview.

Of course, we were more than happy to take part and you can read the full interview over at Mademoiselle Women blog, in the article The Autism App You Need To Know About.

We would like to thank Lydia for giving us the time to speak about Aubin and for publishing the interview on her website. We highly recommend that you head over to Mademoiselle Women blog and read all of the interesting articles published by Lydia.

We are always looking for opportunities to discuss Aubin with organisations and members of the Autistic community. If you would like to talk to us about Aubin, or any of our other rail projects, please get in touch.

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