JNCTION completes Mayor of London Resilience Challenge Phase 1


22nd June 2021


Jack Clifford

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Yesterday concluded our five-week journey being one of Phase 1 finalists of the Mayor of London’s Resilience Fund Covid Safe Travel Challenge for our Aubin app.

What did we do?

Over the last five weeks, we’ve been fortunate to be a part of many exciting workshops, 1-2-1 sessions and meetings with key stakeholders.

These sessions have helped us create a proposal for Aubin, as well as produce a pitch video, which flexed our creative muscles and more importantly, brought Aubin to life!

Perhaps the most insightful moment was the ability to find out what the general public would like to see from Aubin. By conducting research from surveys and a focus group, we gained key insights into people’s attitudes towards travelling.

The focus group was important for us so we could get feedback on the app’s design, other ways we could present the information as well as any extra features that’ll make them want to use Aubin.

Many thanks

Overall, the last five weeks have been key for JNCTION to expand our network and to make more people aware of how Aubin can help them.

Thank you to the Mayor of London’s Resilience Fund for choosing JNCTION for Phase 1 of this challenge, and to everyone at Nesta for their incredible expertise. It really has been an amazing opportunity, and we hope to see everyone again, should we reach Phase 2!