JNCTION – winner of Innovate UK First of a Kind 2022 competition


25th November 2022



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As one of the successful applicants, JNCTION will deliver a NextGen Data-Driven Timetable Performance Optimisation Tool.


Poor performance of train services continues to be a challenge for the rail industry. It is in large part due to a poorly planned timetable that is often operationally unachievable or cannot handle minor changes. This is because the timetable is usually planned with simulations, which do not fully reflect how trains really perform at junctions or stations.

Through years of working closely with performance, planning and operational teams, Jnction identified that by using granular train movement data and machine learning techniques, the actual performance of the existing timetable could be accurately calculated.


Our NextGen Timetable Analysis tool will provide automatically updated insights and recommendations to planners that are highly aligned to the planning process. Utilising both on-track (track circuit) and on-fleet (GPS and OTMR) data, the tool will provide an integrated view to both Network Rail and TOC teams.

We believe our tool will result in a step change in the speed and quality of timetable planning, moving away from the use of limited simulations and anecdotal experience to a fully evidenced-based approach.


FOAK has been funded by DfT and managed by Innovate UK, delivered in partnership with Innovate UK KTN, since 2017/18 to help overcome barriers that can make it difficult for new entrants to bring novel technologies to the rail market. Funding is provided through competitions, with successful bidders partnering with rail industry bodies to develop and test products that can then be offered for sale.

This is the third time we have been recognised by the partnership and awarded funding support to help accelerate the delivery of its cutting-edge solutions. We are looking forward to working with Network Rail and Transport for Wales to build the first version of the tool.


Full details of all the projects supported by FOAK 2022 are here: First of a Kind 2022 Winners Announced.