JNCTION one of the Winners of Mayor of London Resilience Challenge


13th July 2021


Jack Clifford

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JNCTION Mayor of London

JNCTION are very pleased to say that we are one of the winners of Phase 1 of the Mayor of London Resilience Challenge!

This is a very exciting opportunity for us, being one of 10 innovators to reach the second phase.

Taking part in Phase 1 was an incredible experience, and really highlighted the strengths that JNCTION as a team possess.

The first phase was intensive but certainly rewarding. During this phase, we met with many key stakeholders across innovation and transport to learn about how we can pivot #Aubin as an app that’ll help many Londoners travel safer by setting their own preferences and plan ahead more confidently using health data.

What was most interesting was the research phase. We wanted to capture as many insights and attitudes around current travel solutions as possible. This was so we could create a valid solution that will help as many Londoners create better travel experiences.

Thank you to the judges and to everyone at Nesta Challenges for supporting and believing in Aubin – we’re really excited to get on board with Phase 2 of the challenge!