JNCTION featured in the Evening Standard for Aubin


15th July 2021


Jack Clifford

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JNCTION Mayor of London

On the back of winning the Covid Safe-Travel Challenge as part of the Mayor of London’s Resilience Challenge. JNCTION has been featured in the Evening Standard! (15th July 2021)

JNCTION were one of 10 winners for a £1 million City Hall Challenge, to design solutions that tackle London’s issues.

We put forward Aubin, which will allow passengers to plan their travel using their own pre-defined preferences ahead of time so that they can travel safely and more confidently.


Sadiq Khan, said: “The pandemic has been the most challenging period in our great city’s history since World War Two. London is home to some of the most brilliant innovators in the world, which is why I set a series of challenges.

“The winners are using digital, data and technology to make a real difference to Londoners, from supporting local businesses and traders to green and renewable solutions for our city. They all show what great ingenuity we have here in London.”


Other winners included floating solar panels that’ll provide clean renewable energy to London City Airport, as well as a solution for self-employed people to track their finances.

We’re really excited to get to Phase 2! The next few months will be spent improving Aubin and adding crowding data so that it’ll be ready for passengers to use.


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