MoL Safe Travel Challenge


1st June 2021


Jack Clifford

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Welcome to the MoL Safe Travel Challenge survey.

Hello! We are Aubin and we are working with the Mayor of London to help people travel confidently when using public transport in London.

Aubin helps passengers plan journeys using both travel data AND Health data to maintain social distancing.

This survey will help us ensure that we are supporting all passengers in the best way possible. Please spare 2 minutes to help us make travelling a better experience for you.

1. Has COVID changed the way you use public transport?
2. Which of the following ways did you travel regularly pre-Covid? (Select all that apply)
3. Which of the following ways do you travel regularly now? (Select all that apply)
4. Which of the following factors might affect your decision to use public transport? (Select all that apply)
5. What information can we provide that would make you feel more confident about using public transport again? (Select all that apply)
6. Would you travel more if you could use an app that provides crowding/health data and plan journeys using the above data?
7. How would you prefer the app to present the data to you?
8. Please use the space below to tell us how an app with this information would be beneficial to you.
9. To help us make the app inclusive it would be helpful if you can tell us of any disabilities or specific accessibility requirements you may have.
10. Where did you hear about this survey?
11. Which city are you closest to?
12. What is your age?
13. Once we have received the survey results, would you like to be part of a testing group for Aubin's development? Please submit your email below if you're interested.
14. Would you like to be entered into a draw to win a prize? Please enter your email below.
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