A new app designed to help passengers travel safely on public transport.

See average queuing levels before you travel with RailQ

Travel safely on public transport with RailQ 

What is RailQ?

RailQ is the new travel application to help you travel safely on public transport through the coronavirus pandemic and comply with social distancing measures. RailQ allows passengers to see how busy a station is before they travel. It also helps staff provide an indication of station queuing to allow passengers to make an informed travel choice and ultimately control passenger queuing in busier stations.

The app is developed with station queuing information from rail staff. Station staff can view the number of passengers in a station at any given time and make informed decisions about how busy the station is. Station staff then regularly update the station status every 30 minutes in order to assist with passenger journey planning, communicating the safety and security status at the time. 

[FURTHER APP DEVELOPMENT] This is the first release of the app. We will be rolling out more features in the coming weeks with features such as additional passenger crowd sourced information, historical time of day station crowding levels, and train loading data. 

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Up-to-date station crowd data

Allowing you to check the station you are visiting ahead of time so that you can travel safely.

Used by frontline station staff

Ensuring authentic and reliable information for passengers.

Easy to use

Find the status of your station in a matter of seconds.

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