Customer Experience Knowledge Base Applications

Provide better customer experience and speed up operations process notices with our Knowledge Base Applications.

Up-to-the minute service information at the fingertips of front line staff

Our Knowledge Base Applications completely digitise real-time operations notices processes and deliver instant access to a reference library of process information manuals, procedures, internal communications and best practice for customer service directly to staff smartphones, tablets and desktops. This means that front line staff have all of the information they need to deliver better customer service at their fingertips.

Instant access to service information

Service information can be sent directly from head office team to frontline staff’s mobile devices.

Integrates with current in-house systems

Our Knowledge Base Apps integrate with existing in-house systems, and can be easily updated and fully automated.

Improved customer experience

Instant access to a reference library and service information mean that front line staff can provide a better customer service.

No paperwork or manual processes

Our Knowledge Base Apps completely digitise the operations notices process, which means no more paperwork or manual processes.

"In March, 173 separate people accessed the web version of Lorolpedia and we had 1,450 page views. The average person spends 6 minutes and 48 seconds browsing. The most popular article, with 5% of all views, is article number 231 on station forms! Employees can also find copies of our internal publications in the Lorolpedia news feed."

What are the Customer Experience Knowledge Base Apps?

Our suite of Knowledge Base Applications for smartphones, tablets and desktops allow information to be easily provided to front line staff from your head office team. Our Knowledge Base Apps can be integrated with your existing in-house systems and easily updated..

What challenges do they address?

Our Knowledge Base Apps remove the paperwork and manual procedures from the operation notices process and translate them into a suite of easy-to-use web applications. For example, to provide a better customer service to passengers at busy stations our Knowledge Base apps provide frontline staff access to WONs and PONs at their fingertips.

What are the benefits?

With real-time train information, a reference library containing information on processes, manuals, procedures, internal communications and customer service best practice all contained in one suite of mobile applications, frontline staff can provide passengers with real-time service updates and better customer service on the network.

How to get them?

We custom produce our Knowledge Base Apps for each Train Operating Company. To request a demonstration, please contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can produce a branded version of our Knowledge Base Apps for your organisation.

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