JNCTION introduces TravelSpace, a system to manage social distancing on rail


26th January 2021


Jack Clifford

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We are excited to announce that we’ve been selected as the exclusive development and distribution partner for TravelSpace!

TravelSpace is a new booking solution conceived by the TravelSpace Consortium – Tractic, NikL Design and Ten Transport Consultancy. It allows TOCs to manage passenger numbers and set customer service expectations before they travel in order to help build their confidence and trust in rail as they can be rest assured that they can travel safely. TravelSpace will enable TOCs to manage reservation numbers as well as providing a better service and aid in bringing passengers back to rail.

What does it do?

The solution is in the form of a boarding pass style, which enables flexible and real-time passenger demand management with the currently reduced passenger timetable due to social distancing requirements.

This will be completely independent and complementary to rail ticketing systems and will be able to approach social distancing in a flexible way by helping to provide customers with certainty about their travel plans before they travel.

The system will also be able to identify and effectively protect vulnerable passengers, as well as empower staff to deal with challenges more effectively to prevent any confrontation.

We’re excited to be working with the TravelSpace consortium on this exciting opportunity, which we’re sure will make social distancing easier for passengers when they choose to travel.

Further News

We will be providing more information about TravelSpace over the coming weeks. Also, we will be at Innovate UK and UKRI’s Rail Innovation Exhibition between the 9-12 February, where you’ll be able to find out more information about TravelSpace.

Access for new registrants will open on 1st February. You can find out more about the Rail Innovation Exhibition here.