Welcome to the new JNCTION website

Welcome to the new JNCTION website

Since 2014, our mission has been to use digital technologies to drive innovation in the rail sector.

We believe that the rail industry has been behind the curve in its use of the power of digital. We feel our agile, rapid product approach to product development can help train operating companies improve performance and provide a better customer experience. As a rail-tech startup, we want to be one of the UK’s most reliable and responsive delivery partners for Train Operating Companies (TOC’s). It’s not just about technology, but understanding rail culture and creating partnerships which complement each TOC’s unique needs and help them to create bespoke solutions.

Over recent years, we have worked with TOCs and delivered digital solutions that have improved both operations and customer experience, and our innovation in the rail sector this past year has led to us being involved with a number of leading projects in the rail industry, such as the London Midland Accelerator Programme and CRRC’s Experience Programme.

In addition, a number of our innovative rail projects have received funding from TOC’s and most recently Aubin: The Journey Planner App for Autistic People was selected as one of seven projects to receive government funding as part of the RSSB Rail Accessibility Competition.

This past year has been very exciting for both JNCTION and for innovation in the rail sector, so we wanted a new website which reflected our position in the market. The new website, designed by our senior in-house designer, Lucas Callaghan, is an innovative, modern website that reflects who we are now as an organisation. We updated our brand presentation to be brighter and more colourful with original graphics to showcase our rail-tech startup credentials. The new website is fully-responsive and will work on all devices, and we have updated our blog layout so all of our latest news is clear and easy to read. Take a look at our product pages which highlight each product’s key features and how our systems can help rail operations improve performance. As well as many other smaller animated and usability features, we have also made it much easier for you to contact us with your enquiries. We really hope you like our new website, and would love to hear your comments!

Moving forward, we hope that the next year will be as exciting as the last one. We are always looking to meet leaders in rail companies at all levels who want to drive innovation in the rail sector, so if you like what we are doing please get in touch.

Mike Lloyd

Chief Executive Officer



September 2018

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