Lorolpedia Knowledge-Base App Case Study

Lorolpedia Knowledge-Base App Case Study

Lorolpedia is an award-winning knowledge-base app designed and developed by JNCTION for the London Overground frontline staff team.

LOROL is the train operating company who run the London Overground train network. The London Overground transports 184 million passengers per year through 112 stations and LOROL work closely with TFL (Transport for London) to deliver a reliable rail service that keeps London moving on a daily basis.

At JNCTION we have worked closely with LOROL on a number of different projects including the Driver App, DART and the Lorolpedia Customer Intelligence App. Lorolpedia is London Overground’s very own digital knowledge-base system which has played an intregal role in boosting LOROL’s customer service and staff communication by allowing frontline staff to have instant access to important information from their iPhones and iPads.

The Task

Ongoing increase in daily users of the Overground coupled with a team of only around 1,500 members of staff meant frontline staff were daily under a lot of pressure. This made it sometimes difficult for members of staff to be able to provide important customer service information to passengers. This occasionally meant staff did not have the right information on-hand for a customer query, and when this did happen staff would have to resort to paper documents, which wasn’t practical at busy stations.

Access of information for staff was also an issue for LOROL. With many of the London Overground workforce being mobile between stations, many staff do not pass through an office. This meant that an intranet system would not be a practical solution. LOROL needed a system that provided information to staff wherever they were on the network.

The Approach

Taking into account LOROL’s key issues we worked with them to develop Lorelpedia Customer Intelligence App. As the name suggests, Lorolpedia is London Overground’s very own Wikipedia-type service encyclopedia that frontline staff can access on their mobile devices. The app includes a reference library which gives staff access to information on processes, manuals, procedures, internal communications and best practice for customer service.

We worked with LOROL to build Lorolpedia in two parts; designing the web app and then developing the technical functions in the back-end system. When designing Lorelpedia, had to make sure that its design reflected its main purpose: to allow employees to access accurate up-to-the minute information to improve customer service.

When trying to assist customers at a busy station, frontline staff needed to have quick access to the correct information through the screen on their mobile devices. Therefore the user-interface needed to be designed to allow a clear display of information on any device. To solve this we designed the app to be responsive on all devices and the user interface streamlined and functional, with a clear and comprehensive layout. We designed the backend system to allow staff to add articles and information themselves and in most formats. We also designed a user-friendly web-based editor, which allows staff to quickly create and upload articles.

The Result

As a result of Lorolpedia, Customer service project manager of LOROL, Matthew Bromley, tells us that the customer service of frontline staff has improved massively and the feedback of the app has been extremely positive and the user statistics has shown positive feedback.

Matthew Bromley stated to Rail Technology Magazine in March 2016 that;

“In March, 173 separate people accessed the web version of Lorolpedia and we had 1,450 page views. The average person spends 6 minutes and 48 seconds browsing. The most popular article, with 5% of all views, is article number 231 on station forms! Employees can also find copies of our internal publications in the Lorolpedia newsfeed."

Lorelpedia has already begun to improve the speed and the ways in which Overground employees share information between one another. As of May 2016 Lorolpedia contained over 280 articles providing information on issues that staff face every day; from delay compensation to ticket office processes, complaints handling to disruption management.

As employees can add information to the Lorolpedia, they are able to recommend topics that have not yet been covered and create a conversations about the way they work and share best practices. Furthermore, Lorolpedia was submitted as part of LOROL’s portfolio for the Modern Railways Industry and Technology Innovations awards. LOROL won the Passenger Experience award which means that not has Lorolpedia transformed the customer service operations of the London Overground, but it also an award-winning app!

Moving Forward

We continue to assist LOROL with ongoing technical support for any technical queries or issues they may have. We have been on-hand in helping the continuous growth of Lorolpedia in addition to providing them web hosting services and assisting them in the development of a number of other projects we have worked with them on, including the Lorol Driver App Case Study and the DART system.

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