LOROL Driver App: Case Study

LOROL Driver App: Case Study

The Lorolpedia Driver app is a communications app designed by JNCTION that improves information flow to London Overground train drivers.

LOROL are the train operating company in charge of the London Overground train network. LOROL work closely with TFL (Transport for London) to deliver a reliable rail service to 184 million passengers per year through the London Overground's 112 stations.

We have worked with LOROL on several different projects including the Lorolpedia knowledge app case studyDART and the Lorolpedia Driver App. The Driver App has helped to improve the internal communications flow to train drivers on the London Overground rail network by providing up-to-the-minute information straight to their iPad devices.

The Task

London Overground train drivers have always been under pressure to ensure smooth running of the rail service and to meet time schedules, but sometimes operational issues could lead to inevitable service disruptions. When disruptions would occur, staff would need resort to heaps of paperwork to find the right document advising them on how to solve the issue. Obviously this wasn’t a practical solution for drivers, especially when ensuring a smooth and fast service was especially important. To tackle this issue London Overground drivers needed a knowledge resource that could provide them quick access to the right procedural information in the event of a disruption.

Another issue was the way Overground Drivers access service information. As Drivers are a mobile workforce, LOROL found that getting crucial service information to their Drivers was often a difficult task, as most drivers don’t pass through offices as part of their daily work routine. To solve this, LOROL needed a system in place that would allow information to be able to reach LOROL drivers in an instant, wherever they were in the rail network.

The Approach

Working closely with LOROL to ensure that their issues were solved, we created the Lorelpedia Driver App. The Driver App is a custom-built mobile web app which allows Overground drivers to have instant access to information they need on their iPads. This has helped Overground drivers to stay on top of any service disruptions and has given them access to the resources they need to continue operating a steady service, wherever they are on the rail network.

The Driver App contains an online reference diary which gives staff access to information such as the latest service disruption and alteration news, reference and procedure forms. Also included is an internal communication system which allows important messages to reach Overground drivers to keep them informed of service announcements.

The LOROL Driver App was built in two stages; designing the web app and then developing the technical functions in the back-end system.

When designing the Driver App a key concern for LOROL was providing Overground Drivers ease of access to information. Before the Driver App, in the event of service disruptions Overground drivers would need to provide service reports in paper form. Needless to say, when working in a role which requires quick decision making and administration to ensure less disruption, trawling through heaps of paperwork wasn’t practical. To solve this issue we integrated LOROL’s existing library of paperwork resources into a digital library. This means that through the Driver App, drivers are now able to easily access all of the existing LOROL forms and reports in digital format, which has helped to speed up the information flow from office to the driver, and from driver to driver.

The Driver App user-interface was designed with a clear and comprehensive layout to provide Overground drivers with a streamlined and functional user experience. This has ensured that all the different types of information that drivers need to access was clearly visible and easy to access.

As well as ensuring that Overground drivers had easy access to information, we needed to ensure that station staff were able to communicate information to drivers in a quick and simple fashion. Therefore we designed the backend system to allow staff to add articles and information themselves through a user-friendly web-based editor. This has allowed staff  to create and upload articles, videos and images which can then be shared and accessed by station staff to drivers.

The Result

As a result of the Driver App, the communication of information to Overground drivers has improved greatly. London Overground station staff and drivers have benefited from an improved flow of information, which has allowed Overground drivers better access to internal communications as well as simplifying the process of sending information to other drivers and staff. Since the introduction of the Driver App, Overground drivers have become more informed of the network operations and this has allowed them to provide a better customer experience to passengers onboard trains.

Moving Forward

We continue to assist LOROL with ongoing technical support for any technical queries or issues they may have. We have been on hand in helping the continuous growth of the Driver App in addition to providing them web hosting services and assisting them in the development of a number of other projects we have worked with them on, including the award winning Lorolpedia app and the DART system

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