JNCTION wins RSSB Rail Accessibility funding for first-of-its-kind Autism Journey Planner App

JNCTION wins RSSB Rail Accessibility funding for first-of-its-kind Autism Journey Planner App

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected as one of seven companies to receive government funding as part of the RSSB’s Rail Accessibility Competition for Aubin: our first-of-its-kind Autism Journey Planner App.

The competition was run by RSSB, the Rail Safety and Standards Board, as part of the Department for Transport’s bid to improve accessibility for all passengers, across all modes of transport.

The aim of the competition was to find innovative solutions to challenges faced by passengers with disabilities on the railways, and especially for those with less visible impairments, such as autism.

In a statement on the Gov.UK website, Nusrat Ghani, Transport Accessibility Minister, said:

“I am determined to make sure that our railways are accessible to everyone, and that we remove any barriers faced by people with a disability.

“Everyone deserves the right to travel independently and with confidence. I am delighted that these innovative projects have been picked to improve people’s journeys, and look forward to seeing how they benefit passengers in the years to come.”

Our Aubin Journey Planner app is designed to improve rail journeys for people with autism by using stress related preferences, rather than time or cost, to help the user reach their destination, and was one of seven projects to receive a share of the £600,000 funding.

Mike Lloyd, CEO of JNCTION, added:

“We are delighted to have been selected to receive funding. This will enable us to develop a complete Aubin prototype ready for trials with autistic users this coming autumn. We are expecting to roll out the full Aubin Journey Planner App in 2019.”

About the Aubin Journey Planner App

Our mission behind Aubin is to help make independant travel a reality for everyone. There are roughly 700,000 people classified as being on the autistic spectrum in the UK today, and for many travelling on the railways can be a stressful and even overwhelming experience. Everyday experiences such as crowding, noise, light, and smell can be amplified, leading to stress and anxiety.

To help address these issues and make public transport more accessible for people on the autism spectrum, we are developing Aubin, a new type of journey planner app designed with the autistic community for the autistic community.

Unlike other journey planner apps, Aubin combines journey planner and travel companion and boasts a number of features that aid ease of travel for autistic people, including:

  • JNCTION’s own new route planning technology and detailed descriptions of each transport interchange to help plan less stressful routes
  • When there is disruption on a route, Aubin suggests alternative routes or modes of travel by using the user’s saved preferences to help the traveller get to their destination
  • A digital autism alert card to assist passengers who find verbal communication difficult with other passengers and transport staff
  • An emergency call function to contact a parent or friend quickly and easily.

Aubin previously received support from London Midland Railway, which led to Aubin being selected as part of the LMLabs accelerator programme in 2017, and London Midland providing funding to develop the initial Aubin proof of concept prototype.

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