JNCTION selected for London Midland Labs Accelerator project

JNCTION selected for London Midland Labs Accelerator project

We are pleased to announce that our Aubin: Journey Planner App for Autistic People has been selected as one of 10 projects to take part in the London Midland Labs Accelerator programme in Birmingham.

Based in the Innovation Birmingham Campus, London Midland Labs is a focal point for new technology projects, where London Midland Trains innovate with their passengers and develop relationships with startups on the future of travel and mobility.

The Labs are a window into the work that London Midland are doing to offer their rail travel customers ‘Simply Better Journeys’. Labs has been created to showcase how London Midland are working to improve customer experience, and to get feedback on whether they are living up to their mantra of ‘Simply Better Journeys’.

From hundreds of applications, 10 startups were selected who are working on ideas that answered a key challenge within the industry today; from delay compensation and fault reporting, to accessibility and capacity management, and have the same goal as London Midland: simply, to make rail journeys better.

We are pleased to announce that our own Aubin: Journey Planner for Autistic People was selected as one of the 10 startup projects to take part in the Labs.

Mike Lloyd, Managing Director of JNCTION added: “We are delighted to have been selected as one of the ten startups to take part in the London Midland Labs. We hope we can use this experience to promote mobility as a service with our Aubin app, and to help London Midland fulfil their aim of simply better journeys for everyone.”

Aubin is a first-of-its-kind journey planner app designed to help reduce stress for autistic passengers using public transport. Aubin chooses routes which are easier to navigate, rather than the fastest route. For example, passengers can choose to avoid problem interchanges or even underground routes (Aubin knows which part of the line is underground). We welcome input and ideas from the autistic community to help us make this a project that truly works for them.

Aubin is designed to help autistic children, adults and carers travel on public transport. It finds routes which avoid individual stress points, and assists with negotiating unexpected changes.

Aubin is more than just another journey planner. It also acts as a travel companion and guide, helping along the journey, and giving alternative options when trains or buses are cancelled unexpectedly.

As one of the London Midland Labs startups, we are currently gearing up for Demo Day on the 18th October 2017 at Birmingham Snow Hill station. Demo Day will be a finale event where each company will present an overview of what they’ve been working on, and how they plan to proceed after the programme.

For more information about our Aubin project, please read our Introducing Aubin article.

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