Introducing JNCTION

Introducing JNCTION

JNCTION is the new name for Artonezero's rail related products and services. JNCTION's goal is to provide exceptional Web, App and Big Data Digital Rail solutions for improving passenger journey experiences.  Unlike traditional suppliers we aim to deliver solutions in months not years and to be an 'easy to work with' delivery partner for rail companies.

Over the past few years Artonezero, a small, innovative privately owned Digital Agency in Shoreditch, London has been fortunate to work with a number of talented people in the Rail Industry to develop innovative digital solutions to improve customer service and efficiency on the rail network. More details of these can be found on our success stories blog, applications such as DART,  Lorolpedia and Northern's KB App.

As we got to know the railway operations better we came to realise that there was a big opportunity for a small, innovative, fast moving company to make a contribution to running the railways more effectively using digital technology.

The British rail industry structure of Train Operating Companies and Network Rail, with an emphasis on 7 year franchises and competitive bids means that innovation is very much in the hands of the bid teams and to a lesser extent innovation managers within individual operating companies with limited budgets and short timescales.

Traditionally the rail industry works on long timescales, big projects, and old fashioned structures. The world of digital is different, innovation happens in months not years and it constantly re-invents itself every few years. 

Our goal is to bring this disruptive digital technology to the service of the railway companies and ultimately to improve the traveling experience of the passenger.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to 'Make Passenger Journeys better through Digital Technology'

Our development plans have clear technical strategic foundations, which will result in improving

  • Control systems
  • Customer Experience
  • Mobile Assistance for Passengers

As well as world class technology we will emphasise the importance of good business analysis. We understand each Train Operating Company has unique needs based on their network, but the solutions need to be based on a common shared set of services. So our products will focus on delivering innovative individual solutions to the TOCs needs, with products in which the key 20% of unique functionality can be tailored to each individual client needs.

Our approach to passengers reflects our web roots, we do not consider passengers as a mass of people but as individuals and we are working on building personal experiences for each traveler.

We intend to think big and lead rather than follow

Over the next few months we will be announcing a range of product initiatives to enable rail companies to make better use of digital.

We are looking to meet innovative people in rail companies who share our vision and need help to make it happen.  If you like what we are doing please get in touch and find out more about our ideas for better digital technology and product in the Railways.

We will be updating you on developments via our Blog, and on Social Media. So watch this space, hold on tight, it promises to be an exciting ride!

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