Get involved in the Aubin user testing survey!

Get involved in the Aubin user testing survey!

We are now going full speed ahead developing Aubin, the journey planner app for autistic people - but we need your help!

As you know, the Aubin Journey Planner is being designed to make travel on public transport easier for people on the autism spectrum, giving you more control over aspects of your journey in one simple to use app.

But to do this, we need to understand more about what makes travel on public transport difficult for you.

With this, we have created a simple user testing survey and would love for you all to get involved so we can find out which features to include to help you the most.

The survey has 14 questions, and should take only 10 minutes to complete. It is designed to provide us with information when deciding which features we should include in the first release of the app.

You can find the survey here:

And please, once you have completed the survey, share it with far and wide!

Thanks from everyone here at JNCTION.

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